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Miranda Willow - President - Willow Accounting & Consulting

Miranda Willow, President & CEO

Why Choose Willow

Willow Accounting & Consulting, Inc. specializes in management accounting for governmental and not-for-profit organizations. We work closely with our clients to align their fiscal infrastructure in order to meet their strategic goals, while ensuring the highest level of compliance.

Our work includes review, design and implementation of fiscal infrastructure. Our approach includes review and design of technology and staffing, quality assurance and improvement, compliance monitoring, and internal control reviews.

As a mission and faith driven firm, we believe the path to better outcomes includes staff education, team building and support of a healthy work culture. We find ways to lift, mend or reorganize procedures to help improve not only financial outputs, but improve collaboration, strengthen teams and ultimately, further the mission of our clients.

A Firm Driven By Your Organization’s Success

At Willow Accounting & Consulting, we operate under four guiding principles…

Goal-Oriented Partnership

You’re more than a client, and we’re more than a vendor. We are partners. We will collaborate with you to identify how we can improve your business procedures to better achieve your goals.

Solutions That Work For You

The solution has to work for you. Your organization is unique and deserves solutions that fit who you are and how you operate.

Commitment To You and Those You Serve

As partners working toward the same goal, we share your commitment to the people you serve.

Expertise Now And In The Future

We are always learning, utilizing new methods, and expanding the ways we can help you succeed while ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

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Integrity. Resourcefulness. Reliability.

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The trusted choice for Non-Profit Organizations and Governmental Agencies.

Aligning Fiscal Objectives With Strategic Goals

Services & Solutions That Drive Success

Willow Accounting & Consulting: Driving Client Success

Trusted Accounting Solutions

Managerial Accounting

We work closely with our clients to ensure that operational procedures and staffing structure are optimized to maximize resources and achieve strategic goals.

Cost Accounting

We help our clients maximize reimbursement and simultaneously build bridges by providing education across teams that ultimately increases the accuracy of the cost allocation process.

Not-For-Profit Fiscal Management

We work with not-for-profit organizations to create or maintain a sound fiscal infrastructure that supports the responsible stewardship of publicly or privately donated funds.

Grant Management

We help organizations with overall grant and contract management to include implementation, reporting, internal control review or design and assist in seeking connections between the programmatic management and fiscal management teams.

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